July 11, 2024

ABLAZE Marks 5th Anniversary & Details September Advance Solicitations

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ABLAZE titles are distributed in-print worldwide by Diamond Comic and Diamond Book Distributors. Digital versions of ABLAZE titles are available via most major digital platforms.

Leading off upcoming select Fall and early Winter 2024 releases is HARVEY KURTZMAN’S MARLEY’S GHOST, proudly presented by ABLAZE and Comixology Originals. Enjoy this Eisner Award Winning version of Dickens’ A Christmas Carol arriving in November in graphic novel form, in print for the first time and just in time for the start of the Holiday season.

ABLAZE also expands its manhwa catalog with the November debut of ARCHIBALD VOL 1: MONSTER SLAYER followed by the December release of the conclusion of Shingo Honda’s 2-volume horror manga, HAPPYLAND. Also arriving in November comes the trade paperback edition of TORPEDO 1972, the explosive action crime drama from the co-creator and artist of the Eisner-winning series, 100 Bullets.

Ahead of Halloween, ABLAZE gets readers in a spooky state of mind with several horror themed September releases that include a COLLECTED SET for creator Peter Richardson’s hit manga-inspired ZOMBIE MAKEOUT CLUB featuring Vols. 1-2 of the popular ongoing series. Horror fans also will not want to miss the September release of the ABLAZE SPOTLIGHT ON HORROR COLLECTED SET, which contains a trio of acclaimed titles – Vampire State Building, Graveyard Wars, and Boogyman – bundled together under a specially discounted price.

European and indie comics fans will want to dive into the September release of the ABLAZE SPOTLIGHT ON EURO COMICS COLLECTED SET, which includes three comic titles – Guillem March’s Laura and Other StoriesGost 111, and On the Way– bundled together under a specially discounted price.  For younger readers comes the DIARY OF A NERD COLLECTED SET, which consists of two different diaries, written by the young creator Phillip Osbourne, collected in this set at a special price! One is the diary of a young genius; the other is a quest for love. Phillip Osbourne eats, lives, and breathes pop culture…his adventures are humorous and relatable…and have already gained him an international cult following.

New summer 2024 titles are rounded out by the September release of MIRKA ANDOLFO’S UN/SACRED VARIANT PACK Vol. 2, a bundle offering all six issues of MIRKA ANDOLFO’S UN/SACRED VOL. 2, presented in a variety of unique variant covers at a special price! A limited edition print run of only 300 copies!

HARVEY KURTZMAN’S MARLEY’S GHOST, story by Harvey Kurtzman, Charles Dickens, Josh O’Neill, Shannon Wheeler and art by Harvey Kurtzman, Gideon Kendall · SRP: $19.99 ·  136 Pages · For Readers 12+ · ISBN: 9781684973538 · Available November 6th 

Marley’s Ghost is the posthumous completion of legendary creator Harvey Kurtzman’s adaptation of the classic Charles Dickens’ novel—A Christmas Carol. Kurztman’s ambitious concept for Marley’s Ghost began in the 1950s—as an early “graphic novel”—but was never realized. Now, over 70 years later, writers Josh O’Neill and Shannon Wheeler expand upon Kurtzman’s extensive adaptation notes while illustrator Gideon Kendall’s outstanding artwork utilizes Kurtzman’s breakdowns and stylistic choices to make this long-lost vision a reality! As a bonus, the book also includes a behind-the-scenes backmatter section and the original Charles Dickens prose story!

Harvey Kurtzman (1924-1993) was the creator of MAD, Playboy’s Little Annie Fanny and TRUMP, and Help Magazine. He is considered one of the most influential creators in the history of sequential art with the industry’s Harvey Awards named in his honor.

Gideon Kendall is an illustrator and animation designer whose clients include Disney, Cartoon Network, and The New York Times. Josh O’Neill is the Eisner and Harvey Award-winning writer and editor of Little Nemo: Dream Another Dream. Shannon Wheeler is the Eisner Award-winning creator of the comic Too Much Coffee Man and a contributor to The New Yorker.

ARCHIBALD VOL 1: MONSTER SLAYER, story and art by Him Hyn-Min · SRP: $14.99 · 136 Pages · For Readers 12+ · ISBN: 9781684973323 · Available November 6th 

Meet Archibald, the supernatural detective! Archibald, a shy and observant boy, has a dream: to become a great detective. And not just any sort of detective! He wants to explore secret worlds, those where magic reigns and monsters lurk in the shadows. All he needs is his first big case! When it arrives in the form of Monk, a talkative and cowardly, one-eyed dog, Archibald is introduced to the Monster Investigation Bureau.

Together, Archibald and Monk set out on the trail of a giant snake, a mysterious black mage, and an army of zombies…and along the way, encounter a war declared between the werewolves and the bear-men, and a horde of goblins who harass trolls, among other curious creatures. Thrills, chills, humor, blunders, and more are in store for the adventures of this unique tandem of Sherlock Holmes apprentices!

TORPEDO 1972 TPB EDITION, story by Enrique Sanchez Abuli and art by Eduardo Risso, Leandro Fernandez · SRP: $19.99 · 176 Pages ·  For Readers 16+ · ISBN: 9781684973026 · Available November 6th   

In the 1930s, Lucas Torelli, known as “Torpedo”, was a legend of the suburbs of New York. A tough, trigger-happy Sicilian who only knew how to make friends–anyone else is no longer here to say otherwise. Nearly forty years later, the Big Apple has changed quite a bit. Torpedo, not so much. As a persistent journalist prepares to write an article about the Caputo family, the demons of Torpedo’s past resurface, along with his dirty old habits… Collects the hit series, plus cover gallery and bonus material.

HAPPYLAND VOL. 2, story and art by Shingo Honda · SRP: $12.99 · 180 Pages · For Readers 16+ · ISBN: 9781684973583 ·  Available December 4th  

The Komiya family are trapped in Happyland, an amusement park with dark intent and violence methods. One by one, the family members face challenges that force them to confront their sins. But when (and if) these challenges are completed, will they be able to face each other? And can they escape Happyland alive? Don’t miss the conclusion of Happyland, a unique and brutal tale by mangaka Shingo Honda!

ZOMBIE MAKEOUT CLUB VOLS. 1-2 COLLECTED SET, story and art by Peter Richardson · SRP: $15.99 · 160 Pages Vol. 1; 170 pages Vol. 2 · For Readers 16+ ·

ISBN: 9781684973606 · Available September 25th    

Catch up on the stylish and macabre feast of Zombie Makeout Club! Get both volumes of this manga-inspired smash-hit at a specially discounted price with this collected set from ABLAZE!

After dying of suicide, a rebellious high school student is brought back to life in a strange underground facility. Now, she must piece together not only how and why she has been resurrected, but also confront the fragmented memories of her past and the horrors of the laboratory that want to send her back to the afterlife.

Then… Powered by the mysterious phenomenon of “Black Blood,” various youngsters in Death City find themselves tangled up together and pitted against the mysterious organization that seeks to harvest their bodies and abilities.

ABLAZE SPOTLIGHT ON HORROR COLLECTED SET, story and art by various creators · SRP: $50.99 · 144 pages Vampire State Building; 232 pages Graveyards Wars; 184 pages The Boogyman · For Mature Readers 16+ · ISBN: 9781684973613 · Available September 25th    

ABLAZE is shining the spotlight on the wide variety of genres and fantastic works within its acclaimed catalog. The Spotlight on Horror includes three comic titles – Vampire State BuildingGraveyard Wars, and Boogyman – bundled together under a specially discounted price.

In Vampire State Building: Terry Fisher is a young soldier on the verge of being sent away for active military duty, and he meets his friends at the top of the Empire State Building for a farewell party. But suddenly, a legion of vampires attacks the skyscraper and massacres its occupants. The 102 floors have become a deadly trap, and Terry must take decisive action to save himself and his friends.

In Graveyard Wars: There are those among us with near-death experiences who now have an ability called a Soul-Skill which allows them access to the skillsets of the dead; fighter, mechanic, sniper, pilot, hacker, assassin. Anything. They are connected to the realm of the souls and their skills. While not everyone who touches death is able to retain this ability, those who do have formed two warring guilds: Caretakers and Dark Hearts. The Caretaker’s mission? To use the power of the dead to protect the living. Welcome to Graveyard Wars.

In Boogyman: Passionate about reading, Elliott has always preferred the stories of boogymen, those monstrous creatures which, at night, hide in the shadows or under the bed to frighten little children. He can’t imagine how much they will change his life… Witnessing the bloody murder of his parents, he will discover that boogymen do indeed exist, and very precise codes govern their existence.

ABLAZE SPOTLIGHT ON EURO COMICS COLLECTED SET, story and art by various creators ·  SRP: $50.00 · 112 pages Guillem March’s Laura; 200 pages; Gost 111; 172 pages On the Way · For Mature Readers 16+ · ISBN: 9781684973620 · Available September 25th    

ABLAZE is shining the spotlight on the wide variety of genres and fantastic works within our catalogue! Our Spotlight on Euro-Comics set includes three comic titles – Guillem March’s Laura and Other Stories, Gost 111, and On the Way– bundled together under a specially discounted price.

In Guillem March’s Laura and Other Stories: Suffering from the ever-painful experience of unrequited love, twenty-year-old Laura takes a look at her life. Does the fact that the boy she has feelings for is in love with someone else mean there is something wrong with her? Or is that just how young love goes? And what will happen when she tries to get past the hurt and move on with her life?

In Gost 111: A caring unemployed father, Goran Stankovic accepts a shady job, gets arrested, and has no other choice but to become an informant. Stuck between thugs and the police, in a world of manipulation, Goran will have to play a perilous double game to get out of it.

In On the Way: Emma, a newly single cartoonist, impulsively finds herself standing in Roncesvalles with her gaze fixed on Santiago de Compostela. Following the pilgrimage route known as The Way of St. James, she realizes that what she believed to be a simple walk to get some miles behind her (and her past) is a chance to learn not only about the people she meets along the way, but also herself.

DIARY OF A NERD COLLECTED SET, story by Philip Osbourne and art by Roberta Procacci ·  SRP: $19.99 · 320 pages · For Readers 9+ · ISBN: 9781684973637 · Available September 25th    

Diary of a Nerd stars Phil, a twelve-year old boy living in Manhattan, NY. He is a talented, self-professed nerd…an intellectual who enjoys spending his days with his friends, known as “The Geek Team”.

Phil likes a girl in his class named Loren, but he also knows that he could never compete with Ted, Loren’s boyfriend. One night, while Phil is sleeping, Darth Vader appears to him like a vision in his dream, inviting him to use his strength to challenge the bullies and win the love of Loren.

MIRKA ANDOLFO’S UN/SACRED VOL. 2 VARIANT PACK, story by Mirka Andolfo, Davide Goy and art by Mirka Andolfo and others · SRP: $19.99 · 32 pages · For Readers 9+ · ISBN: 9781684973644 · Available September 25th    

Mirka Andolfo (Mercy, Unnatural, DC Bombshells) returns, bringing life to a Heaven (and a Hell) filled with humor and lovable characters! In Un/Sacred Vol 2, Mirka invites you once again into the world of Angelina and Damiano…and Eden, the new arrival in the family!

This bundle offers all six issues of Mirka Andolfo’s Un/Sacred Vol. 2, presented in a variety of unique variant covers at a special price! Limited to 300 copies.

Featuring the following fantastic covers:
#1 – Maria Llovet
#2 – Gabriele Bagnoli
#3 – Mirka Andolfo “Devil Angelina” Variant
#4 – Mirko Andolfo “Eden in the Middle” Variant
#5 – Mirko Andolfo “Cleavage Dive” Variant
#6 – Mirka Andolfo “Damiano Bra” Variant

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