Welcome back, everyone!

If you missed the series of posts called “Setting the Table” I’d recommend reading them to get caught up. I spend a lot of time talking about how I got into comics, but I don’t go into a lot of detail about what all I collected, I mainly do highlights. What you will recognize is that the X-Men Universe has a firm place in my comic reading and collecting life. When I sold my original collection of X-Men comics during “The Great Purge” I lost a lot of X-Men comics. And while I did pick up X-Men again shortly after “Age of Apocalypse” I never went back and bought those comics again for my collection. There was regret, but it didn’t come for years after the events of purge. That’s something that bugged me for a little while after I got back into reading X-Men titles, but it got tucked away in the back of my mind and would be covered in the dust of my mind once I stopped reading “mainstream” comics and dove more into smaller press comics for a good part of a decade.

When I decided I’d stick around with the X-Men after HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X I had already started buying X-Men back issues. Situations arose that made it convenient to buy some from sellers on eBay, Instagram, and folks on Twitter. Without realizing it I had a small box full of UNCANNY X-MEN and X-MEN. The new ongoing series were beginning to start coming out of HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X and I found myself enjoying the new comics as much as the old comics and I made the decision then that I would dive back into the X-Men Universe again, but this time for good. As of the posting of this entry I have collected roughly 600 back issues since January 2019. This does not include HOUSE OF X and POWERS OF X or any of the new ongoing and miniseries that have been published in the last year or so, and the January 2019 date is an estimate of when I decided to dive back in because I honestly can’t remember because there was a lot of back and forth as I was selling the rest of my collection.

So, what is the “mission” of this site? What is the “direction”?

I will be using this site to document and talk about X-Men comics as I buy them both new and old. This won’t be review site. I’ll be more focused on the older books as I continue to buy them. I will talk about the books I already own, but there will be more focus on the books that I will be buying as I move forward. The original goal of this site was to document my quest to buy just UNCANNY X-MEN, which is why I chose the name “Uncanny Journey”, but I quickly realized as I started to write “Setting the Table” that I wanted to talk about more than just UNCANNY X-MEN because I’m buying more than just that one series. I will be using this site to talk about ALL of the X-Men related back issues I buy. I’m working out the details on everything this site will have, so I encourage all of you to look at the various pull down menus and check out the pages those menu items take you to see. When new books are purchased and listed, I’ll be sure to post something on Twitter so be sure to be following me there.

The end goal, if there has to be one, is owning every issue of X-Men related comic book published by Marvel in the United States. This does not include variant covers or oversea printings, but those are fun to have and I won’t pass up the opportunities to own some along the way. I will be looking for first printings of all of the books. Multiple printings will more than likely be bought along the way, but won’t count toward the goal. While I would love to read X-MEN #94 (one of those lost in the “Second Great Purge” I will plan on owning a reprint of some kind to read instead. Grade is not a concern of mine, or a driving force behind purchasing a book, but it is a factor when considering the age of the book. I don’t mind owning a well read copy of X-MEN #94 that has it’s front and back covers intact and all of the pages. If there’s some sun damage, or torn corner on a cover or page that doesn’t impede the reading experience I’m okay. I will always look to upgrade certain books for better grades, but I won’t be worried about that for years to come unless an opportunity I cannot pass presents itself. If that happens, I’ll talk about it here on the site.

Starting April 27 I will be posting my adventures every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday for the forseeable future. I’m setting this now to help me get into a schedule of posting and to let all of you know when you can expect new posts. I’ll be sure to let everyone following me on Twitter know when the new posts are up, and if you’re interested in seeing what new books I buy are before I write about them, that’s where you’ll see them.

Thanks everyone for dropping by, and I’ll talk to you next time.



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