One Post And Two Weeks

One Post And Two Weeks

July 13, 2018 Off By Chris

Two weeks.

That's how long it's been since my last post here at, and I'm okay with that fact. You might not be. You might have wanted to see more of my thoughts and opinions about the comic books that were coming out in stores and being talked about over social media, and that's where you missed out.

Social Media.

If you follow me on Twitter (@ChrisPartin) then you know I'm still talking comics, I just haven't moved some of those thoughts to the site. I restarted the site while I was on vacation. You may have seen the photos:

You get the point.

Before I got back from vacation, I knew that following week was going to be busy and I wouldn't have a lot to time to write and post to the site. I think there's even a tweet about that:

I didn't even get to finish that review...

Side note, PROJECT SUPERPOWERS #0 is a great book and if you haven't picked it up you should.

... and then this week came along and unexpected things happened that caused my time, patience, and energy to be directed elsewhere causing a lot of planned for posts to evaporate. What you're reading right now was planned for Monday because I wanted to start the week off with this explanation of where I am as a comic book reader and the direction I had wanted to take the site and the direction I will be attempting to take the site. The two directions run parallel at times, they intersect at other times, and sometimes even go polar opposite directions.

I am switching away from buying 50-60 new comics every couple of weeks and focusing more on buying older comics. These older comics will be partially for my personal collection (see Assembling the Comics) as well as for resell. The plan is to buy back issues either at stores, conventions, or personal collections and fill in the holes in the series that I want to collect and then sell the rest to help put money back into buying more back issues. Assembling The Comics was originally going to be a series of bi-weekly posts where I showed off my back issue purchases and updated everyone on the progress of the collections I had listed in the original post. That original post will remain as it is, but there will be additional series added to the list in that post (don't worry, I'll highlight what's been recently added to the list). Assembling The Comics will range from written content to audio and video content. I'm not sure how I'll put it all together just yet, but the idea will be more about documenting the journey of the books I find, the places I go to buy them, and the people who I meet along the way.

I will continue to write reviews of new comics, but those reviews are going to depend solely on the books that are available to me at a given time. My budget is set for the foreseeable future when it comes to new books. If I have a publisher send me a PDF to read and review - sure, I'll review it. No problem. If there's a comic creator that wants to pass along a book for me to review - sure. No problem. I will be catching up on some of the Kickstarter books I've backed and received. I have a few ready to cover, so I'll get to those soon.

Well, that's it. That's the big update. See, it wasn't too bad. Still cover comics, just a little more focused on the collecting part than originally planned.

Thanks for reading!