Last May I decided that I would clear most of my reading list and dive into DC Comics’ “Rebirth” titles. I did that because, outside of BATMAN and a few other Bat-Family books, I had given up on DC Comics. The books I had continued to read were more out of the fact I had “always bought them”. I wanted to see if this new effort by DC Comics was being delivered the way they were making it out to be, so I bought the one-shot at the end of the month that was setting things off and read every book for the first 4 months to get a solid feel for what was being done. I enjoyed most of what I read and felt DC Comics was turning the corner and leaving behind their previous efforts to “fix” the DC Universe.

After that initial 4 months I cut back to about half the titles, and 4 months after that I cut back even further. In order for me to provide that much focus on a large number of books I had to give up a lot of the books I was currently reading, books from the likes of Image, Dynamite, Valiant, Oni, and a number of other smaller publishers. I enjoyed all of the books I gave up reading to try out DC Comics’ “Rebirth” but I felt as a comic fan there it was something I wanted, if not needed, to do. There are times that comic fans need to take a break from what they’re reading and see what else is out there. This was my way of doing that and I enjoyed the time away, but now is the time to get back into all of the books I missed out on.

My pull list is cleared and I’m ready to see what is out there ready to be consumed by this curious reader, but I wonder if I’m not alone.

I wonder if there are other comic readers who have been reading the same books for the last 6 months, a year, 5 years, or longer that enjoy what they’re reading not because they actually enjoy it, but the don’t know anything different? I knew the difference because I have made a point over the last 10+ years to try new books. Some of those books have become favorites of mine and others were just good reads. There are always going to be a few clunkers along the way, but not stepping out and trying out new books keeps you from finding a possible new favorite, and even finding those clunkers. There’s nothing wrong with reaching out and picking up a new book and it not being the best thing you’ve ever read. I enjoy the change to just read something new. There are too many new comics being published that by not taking that chance is hard to believe. Why are you reading comics if not to explore new creators and the universes they are creating? If you just read Batman books, you may just be a Batman fan and not a fan of comics.


Saying you are a comic book reader means you are reaching out and reading comic books, not reading about the further adventures of one character. If you are just a fan of Batman and only get those comics – there’s nothing wrong with that but don’t complain to the world how there’s something wrong with the industry, or your tired of something that you are either not reading or not supporting with your dollars. Be a fan of comics by broadening your pull list, pick up a random comic every week from a series you don’t normally read, explore the new release rack at your local comic shop and see what is out there. There’s no guarantee that all of them will change how you read comics, but there is a guarantee you will never know until you step out of your comfort zone and try.

I will admit this challenge I’m giving isn’t one that I came up with, but it is one that I stand by. I also stand by the promise that if you do want to explore new comics I will be right there along side of you encouraging and recommending books. Some times people don’t try out new books because they don’t want to waste their money, and I get that. They also just don’t know what to try out. If you need help in picking out a new book – let me know. Find me on Twitter or email me and let me know you’re looking for a new book. Let me know what you’re interested in as far as movies, television, music, etc. Give me an idea of what you take in as entertainment and I will help you find a new series to try out.

The goal I have with Comic Addiction moving forward is to do just that for everyone who comes by the site – help you find a new series to try out and hopefully enjoy. And when you’re ready for the next new book I’ll be there helping you out again.