COMIC ADDICTION – EPISODE 135: This Week’s Pull List

Howdy, folks!

Welcome back to Comic Addiction. This episode I talk about the books I'm planning on picking up, catching you up on my thoughts on the series, and why I'm picking up what I'm picking up. There's a lot of "inside Chris' thought process" in this episode, so be prepared.

Want to get a look ahead at what I *might* talk about in the future? Here's my pull list as it stands right now:, but keep it mind it changes often depending on what I'm interested in at that moment.

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I hope you have a great week and enjoy the episode!


Chris has been a comic book fan since picking up ELFQUEST #2 off the spinner rack and the corner store near his grandparents' home in Durham, NC. Since then, Chris has bought, read, and sold more comics than he cares to count. There isn't a comic book series that Chris won't try at least one issue of if you're willing to stay and listen to what he thinks about it.