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Nothing about what you're about to read should be a shock to anyone who reads comics, or even more than that - has a hobby they love. You do the hobby for that reason, you love it. What other reason do you need?

Psst... the answer is "none".

I originally started this post at the end of October 2019. I created the post, gave it the heading you see now, and shot the photo that you see of random Vault Comics books. Full disclosure, those boxes contain more than just Vault books, but there was a time I had every copy of Vault's lineup. Vault Comics is still a fairly new publisher that's getting a lot of attention, but they're still pretty new to the casual comic fans. I remember picking up a copy of HEATEN #1 a month or two after it hit the shelves in early 2017. I wanted to check it out, but at the time copies of that issue were being sold for $10-15 on eBay (if not more) and I've made a decision years ago that that's not how I start reading new series - by paying "hype prices". I decided to grab the second issue when it hit the shelves and that was that until I saw a couple of copies on the shelf at a local shop. Why this highly sought out book was sitting on the new comics shelf and not bagged and boarded with a pricey tag on it I'll never know, but I took the chance and bought two of the copies. Why two? When I see something like this knowing the prices had already started to inflate, if I enjoyed the book and started talking about it and a friend of mine asked me about it I could give them a copy so they didn't have to jump on eBay. Apparently I was the one behind on the game within my circle of friends who buy smaller publishers, but I had it just in case.

Reading HEATHEN #1 got me interested in Vault Comics, and I started picking up random issues that I found at the various comics shops I go to, but I could find the other books I had missed. I started a pull list at a comic shop near where I worked and added all of the current Vault books, and then I asked them to back order EVERYTHING Vault Comics had published. I was all in and I wanted to see who this publisher was and who they were working with to create these comics. In doing this, I had to stop picking up a lot of my regular books for a while because I couldn't afford to buy everything. I felt these comics were what I wanted to read at the time, so it wasn't a sacrifice. I've done this kind of stuff for years because I love comics and when I find something I really enjoy I dive all in. Vault Comics was my "all-in" at that time. Those outside of the hobby may say I'm addicted, but I call it controlled desire. This "all-in" lasted till about August 2018 where I cut back my Vault Comics reading and collecting for something else. I didn't stop enjoying what Vault was publishing, but I wanted to move on to explore other comics.

Since that decision I've read comics from a lot of difference creators and publishers. I've gotten renewed interest in titles I haven't read in years, and reading new titles from familiar publishers. No matter what I was buying I was still in love with the hobby and enjoying what the comic industry was producing. Which brings me to Comic Addiction and what to do about it. If you're interested in a history lesson of Comic Addiction from it's creation and ups and downs along till now let me know and I'll write up a history. There's nothing flashy about it, but I've had a lot of great memories and friendships that have come from it.

Comic Addiction will always remain an extension of who I am, what I'm thinking in terms of comics, and will probably reflect how scatterbrain I am as a content producer. I have my good runs and then I have my repeated starts and stops. Comic Addiction has to be something that is providing more than an outlet for my internal conversations and thoughts about comics. I use Twitter for those reasons, so Comic Addiction needs to be something more. It needs to provide some kind of value to anyone who comes by the site either on a regular basis or that one time for some random reason. That value doesn't need to be something that helps you decide major life decisions, but it could give you a spark of an idea or a reinforcement to another idea. The site will always be about the comics that I read, or should be reading. I don't watch a lot of TV. I see the occasional movie in the theaters. My video game experience now is just building worlds in Minecraft to scratch an itch of building with Legos. If you come to this site you're only going to see content based around comic books and the comic industry.

Here's what I can tell you Comic Addiction is, what you'll find here, and where all of this content will be found:

The What: Comic Addiction will be a spot on the Internet that will celebrate comics, the people who create them, and the fans that enjoy them.

The How: I'm starting small and building content at a regular pace that keeps me excited about what I'm creating and continues to provide value to you, the reader or listener or viewer, and entertainment. I will cover the comics I'm currently buying, both new and old. I've spent a lot of time going through back issue boxes in the comic shops I go to collecting runs that I remember reading as a kid, and completing series that I've always wanted to own. December 2019 will be the soft launch with written content. January 2020 will be the official launch with written content, and a podcast. The YouTube channel will officially be launched in late January 2020.

The Where: Written content will be everywhere I have a foothold, here at the site, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and any other social media platform that comes our way. The location of the audio and video content will be very similar to the written content with the addition of YouTube.

I'm pretty excited about this launch and getting back into talking about comics on this platform, as well as new ones down the road. I don't want any of what I produce through Comic Addiction to be a one-sided conversation. Your feedback is important and I do hope to interact with as many of you as possible as Comic Addiction moves forward. There is no road map beyond creating content that I'm proud to create and hopefully you will find value and entertainment.

Thank you!

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