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About the Author Chris Partin

Chris is a 40+year old comic fan born in the 1970s but didn't get into comics until the mid 1980s. He is a huge fan of 80s and 90s X-Men, Teen Titans, and Detroit Justice League. A long time Batman and Nighwing fan, Chris find most of his comic collection in Gotham City. The 1990s gave us Image Comics and Chris really hasn't been the same since. Chris knows no stranger when it comes to comic publishers and welcomes the chance to read a comic.



Last May I decided that I would clear most of my reading list and dive into DC Comics’ “Rebirth” titles. I did that because, outside of BATMAN and a few other Bat-Family books, I had given up on DC Comics. The books I had continued to read were more out of the fact I had “always bought them”. I wanted to see if this new effort by DC Comics was being delivered the way they were making it out to be, so I bought the one-shot at the end of the month that was setting things off and read every …

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