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We've got LOTS to talk about this episode so you'll probably want to take notes! First - Free Comic Book Day is coming up on May 7, 2016. Be sure to head out to your local comic shop, participate in all of the free comic goodness. AND don't forget to support your local comic shop by buying comics as well that day. Tell these fine people "thank you" for all the hard work they put into setting things up for FCBD and just being cool people.

Second - We've got a contest! Yep. Our first contest. It's an easy one, too. All you need to do is tweet out a link to this particular episode of the podcast and use the hashtag #10ASPodcast. You get one entry into the contest for each tweet - 1 entry per day. The winner will win a copy of the REPLICA #1 variant autographed by Paul Jenkins.

Third (and most important) - We talk AfterShock comics! This episode we dive into DREAMING EAGLES #4, SECOND SIGHT #2, and INSEXTS #4.

Thanks for listening!

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Email Address: comicbookaddict@gmail.com

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News Reporter
Chris has been a comic book fan since picking up ELFQUEST #2 off the spinner rack and the corner store near his grandparents' home in Durham, NC. Since then, Chris has bought, read, and sold more comics than he cares to count. There isn't a comic book series that Chris won't try at least one issue of if you're willing to stay and listen to what he thinks about it.

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