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Welcome back to 10.0 - The Aftershock Podcast!

This episode the guys talk about what listeners could get if we had a Patreon account (you missed a lot of Lucha Underground talk before the show started - trust us!) and then we break wide open to talk about some of AfterShock's most "shocking" (yeah, I said it!) comics to date with AMERICAN MONSTER #1, SECOND SIGHT #1, and to balance out the show, STRAYER #1.

Thanks for listening!

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Email Address: comicbookaddict@gmail.com

Ed: www.twitter.com/TealProductions
Chris: www.twitter.com/chrispartin

News Reporter
Chris has been a comic book fan since picking up ELFQUEST #2 off the spinner rack and the corner store near his grandparents' home in Durham, NC. Since then, Chris has bought, read, and sold more comics than he cares to count. There isn't a comic book series that Chris won't try at least one issue of if you're willing to stay and listen to what he thinks about it.

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