The Comic Addiction Mission Statement

Comic book readers are presented with hundreds of options every month of what to read in the hopes they will find something that they enjoy and will be able to come back time and time again and feel that same enjoyment. While there is a small group of comic readers who are able to buy a large majority of the comics that hit the shelves (both physically and digitally) the majority of comic book fans cannot and they need insight into the comics they are not reading to see if those comics are going to give them the enjoyment they hope to get out of comics.

This is where COMIC ADDICTION comes in.

COMIC ADDICTION's mission is to provide comic book readers looking for new comics to read a place to come and see what those comics are about, who are the creators putting these comics together, and what does the future look like for these comics.

COMIC ADDICTION will bring comic book readers a number of options to getting insight on comics with interviews, reviews, previews, and more through the use of written content, podcasts, and videos.

I hope you find what you're looking for here, and if not - let me know.